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Hello there, I'm Viktor Bezdek, I have a passion for simplifying the complex. I've been working in tech industry for over 20 years. My journey is marked by successful teams, robust architectures, strategic design systems, automation, and lately, a deep dive into the fascinating world of AI. With a keen eye for emerging technologies, I've always been ahead of the curve, adopting platforms before they even entered the mainstream. I believe in 'applied laziness' - a smart efficiency approach that slashes development time, ensuring we work smarter, not harder.

A few years ago, I embarked on a mission to write a book on UX research but, alas, I left it unfinished. However, life has a quirky way of bringing things full circle. A few months ago, I stumbled upon the dormant manuscript and was inspired to breathe new life into it. The result? An early-stage alpha version of what I believe is the most extensive UX research methods catalog on the internet. Sure, it's a work in progress. Bugs need squashing, content needs proofreading, and missing parts need filling. Yet, it's a robust beginning to a much-needed resource in the UX research landscape.

I encourage you to explore this catalog, leverage these methods to discover answers, and join me on this thrilling journey of innovation and discovery. It might be raw and unrefined, but it's a glimpse into the future of UX research. So, here's to staying a step ahead, to pioneering, and to the exciting road that lies ahead. Welcome aboard!

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