I Wish That...

A research method that helps discover users' desires and opinions by collecting suggestions and comments written on stickers or papers placed in designated areas.


The "I Wish That" method is a creative exercise that prompts participants to express desires, needs, or aspirations by completing the sentence "I wish that..." It's a simple yet powerful way to explore hopes, challenges, and opportunities. Whether used in design thinking, strategic planning, or personal development, the "I Wish That" method fosters empathy, creativity, and solution-oriented thinking. It encourages participants to articulate what they truly want, guiding meaningful exploration and innovation.

Suitable for

  • Long-term and short-term research into the desires of a group of people,
  • Obtaining non-traditional ideas for improving services;
  • Establishing contact with customers.


I Wish That Statement Compilation

A collection of 'I Wish That...' statements gathered from research participants, summarizing their needs, desires, and potential product improvements for a better user experience.

Prioritized Wishlist

A ranked list of 'I Wish That...' statements, reflecting the most to least significant needs and desires of the users. This list assists in defining product development priorities and focus areas.

User Profiles

Detailed descriptions of the users who participated in the research, including their demographics, preferences, and common pain points, helping to build empathy and understanding of their needs and motivations.

Insights Report

A summary of key findings and patterns observed from the collected 'I Wish That...' statements. This report highlights areas of opportunity and topics for further exploration and validation.

Empathy Maps

Visual representations of the thoughts, feelings, and experiences of the research participants, created based on the 'I Wish That...' statements. These maps facilitate better understanding of the users' emotional journeys and needs.

Affinity Diagrams

A visual organization of the 'I Wish That...' statements, clustering them into related themes and categories. This helps identify trends and common user pain points, as well as potential opportunities for product improvements.

Recommendations Report

A strategic document providing actionable recommendations for product enhancements, features, or services based on the insights derived from the 'I Wish That...' statements and additional research analysis.

Presentation Deck

A visual summary of the research process, key insights, and recommendations in a slideshow format that can be shared with stakeholders, team members, or clients to communicate the research findings and proposed next steps.



Introduce the 'I Wish That...' Method

Explain the purpose of the 'I Wish That...' method to participants. This method encourages creative thinking by framing problems as opportunities, helping participants openly and constructively express their desires for improvements.


Gather Participants and Materials

Invite a diverse group of stakeholders, such as users, designers, and product owners, to participate in the session. Provide pens, sticky notes, or a digital tool for documenting ideas.


Identify the Challenge or Problem

Define the specific challenge or problem that the group will be focusing on. Ensure that the problem is clear and understood by all participants.


Brainstorm 'I Wish That...' Statements

Instruct participants to individually generate as many 'I Wish That...' statements related to the problem as they can, without considering feasibility or constraints. Encourage creativity and free-thinking.


Share and Discuss Ideas

Ask participants to share their 'I Wish That...' statements with the group. Encourage open discussion, addressing each idea without judging or dismissing them. Explore potential challenges, benefits, and implications.


Categorize and Refine Ideas

Group similar ideas together, and refine statements by discussing potential improvements and adjustments. Encourage collaboration and constructive feedback.


Prioritize 'I Wish That...' Statements

Ask participants to individually or collectively rank the 'I Wish That...' statements based on their perceived importance, impact, and feasibility. This will help identify which ideas to focus on in further development.


Generate Action Plans

For each prioritized 'I Wish That...' statement, create an action plan detailing the steps needed to turn the idea into reality. Assign specific tasks, responsible parties, and milestones, if possible.


Follow Up and Measure Progress

Continually monitor and evaluate the progress of each action plan, adjusting as needed based on feedback, changes in context or priorities, and newly discovered insights.



1 day or more


stickers or just pieces of paper saying "I wish that..."; bulletin board or collection box, pens


1 researcher, 10 or more participants


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