Concept Poster

A design method for capturing the main elements and ideas of a service on a piece of paper or flipchart, for easy presentation to stakeholders.


A Concept Poster is a visual tool used to communicate a product or service idea. By combining visuals, text, and key information, it provides a concise and engaging overview of the concept. Concept Posters are valuable in pitching ideas, facilitating discussions, and aligning stakeholders. They can be used in workshops, presentations, or exhibitions to stimulate interest and gather feedback. By visually representing an idea, Concept Posters make complex concepts accessible and foster collaborative exploration.

Suitable for

  • Visualizing the main concepts of a service
  • Clarifying the strengths and weaknesses of an idea
  • Presenting the service to other stakeholders


Research Objective

A clear statement outlining the purpose of the study and the specific research questions being addressed by the concept poster.

Target Audience

A description of the intended user group or demographic for the product or service, including any relevant personas or user profiles.

Concept Description

A brief description of the product or service concept, including its main features, functions, and user goals.

Visual Design

A visual representation of the product or service concept, including any relevant images, icons, or graphics that capture the look and feel of the design.

Key Benefits

A list of the primary benefits or value propositions that the product or service will offer users, including any competitive advantages or unique selling points.

User Journey Map

A visualization of the key steps or interactions that users will experience when using the product or service, including any potential pain points or opportunities for improvement.

Feedback Collection

A mechanism for collecting user feedback on the concept poster, such as a comment section, survey, or interactive voting buttons.

Executive Summary

A high-level overview of the main findings, insights, and recommendations from the concept poster research, geared towards decision-makers and stakeholders.

Full Research Report

A detailed, written report that documents the research process, findings, and recommendations, including any qualitative or quantitative data collected during the study.

Presentation Deck

A PowerPoint or Keynote presentation that summarizes the key findings and recommendations from the research study, including visual aids and supporting data.



Identify the Objective

Determine the primary goal of the project or problem you are trying to solve. This step involves discussing the overall objective of the project with stakeholders or team members to ensure everyone is on the same page.


Assemble the Team

Form a group of individuals who will contribute to the creation of the concept poster. This team should consist of people with diverse backgrounds and skill sets, including designers, developers, researchers, and business personnel.


Brainstorm Ideas

Conduct a brainstorming session with the team to generate ideas and concepts that address the project's objective. This can be done through various techniques, such as mind mapping, sketching, or verbal discussions. Document all ideas for later reference.


Create a Rough Draft

Select the most promising ideas from the brainstorming session and create a rough draft of the concept poster. This should include visual representations and sketches, as well as brief descriptions of each concept. The poster should be easy to understand for anyone who sees it.


Gather Feedback

Share the concept poster with stakeholders and team members to gather their feedback and opinions. This is an opportunity to refine the concept, incorporate new ideas, and identify any gaps or issues that need to be addressed.


Revise the Poster

Using the feedback received, revise the concept poster by modifying the existing content and incorporating new ideas. This may involve revisiting the brainstorming session and further refining the concepts.


Finalize the Concept Poster

Once the revisions have been made and the team is satisfied with the concepts, finalize the poster by polishing the visual representations, clarifying the descriptions, and ensuring the overall layout is easy to understand.


Present the Poster

Present the finalized concept poster to the stakeholders and the rest of the organization. This could involve a formal presentation or simply displaying the poster in a common area for review and discussion. Encourage feedback and dialogue to ensure everyone understands the proposed concepts and their implications.


Implement the Concepts

Incorporate the concept poster's ideas into the project as it moves forward. Use the poster as a reference and reminder of the project's goals and objectives. As new challenges arise or changes are needed, revisit and update the concept poster to ensure alignment with the project's evolving goals.



60 minutes or more


Markers, paper or flipchart


1 designer


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